FundScope is Canada's first comprehensive mutual funds rating service. Since 1998, we have been putting funds under the scope, analyzing and comparing results and holdings, and developing innovative tools to let you see funds in a different light. Our unique, exclusing tools allow you to spot the winners both in good and bad times, and to measure and compare funds and portfolios based on risk, return and investment cost.

This web site is not about promises of quick money, or wealth without risk.  Those are myths in which we do not believe, and we have to state that from the very beginning in order to earn your trust.  Nor do we provide daily updates of mutual fund prices.  If you like to check your fund value every day, you can get those updates for free from a number of popular web sites.  What we provide is risk management tools and in-depth, forward looking analysis for the serious (novice or sophisticated) investor.

We take pride in our objectivity and independence. Our passion for the work we do, and our commitment to keep every client happy, guide us in terms of everything that we do, and every new tool that we add to this web site.

The content of this web site is different.  Here, you will read about investment concepts that form the very foundation of a sound investment plan, and you will come across ground-breaking empirical studies that regular mutual fund analysts do not have the resources to conduct on your behalf.

How to use this web site?

The Login page is the gateway.   FundScope's framework has three building blocks:

  1. A Portfolio Allocation Questionnaire
  2. Selection of Most Suitable Funds
  3. Strategic Portfolio Selection.

1. Portfolio Allocation Questionnaire

This questionnaire will assist you in developing a portfolio allocation strategy as a first step. The portfolio allocation model is based on three factors: time horizon, investment objectives (growth vs. income) and risk tolerance.  To access this page, first login, then click on the "Asset Allocation Questionnaire" banner on the Home Page, or follow this link.

2. Selection of most suitable funds within each category

FundScope has developed a proprietary methodology for selecting the most suitable funds within each category. This methodology has been tested using historical data and was found to produce superior results. To access FundScope's most recent selections, click on the "Honour Rolls" banner on the Home Page, or follow this link.

You may also apply your personal selection criteria by using the FundScope Fund Filters which will help you eliminate funds with undesirable features (e.g. high risk, high cost, etc.). You can also use our Ranking Tools to review the FundScope ratings of each fund (we rate nearly 3000 funds), and to rank funds by various attributes, such as performance, risk, cost, consistency and manager value-added.

In-depth, forward looking analysis is provided in Mutual Fund Snapshots .  Mutual fund ratings and snapshots are updated every month.  Afraid of making a bad selection? No problem! Our Family Ranking Tools can help you determine if your money is trusted to a reputable institution that cares about your long term interests, and not only about the management fees that it collects from you.

3. Strategic portfolio selections

FundScope has developed Portfolio Diagnostics, Canada's most powerful portfolio building tool. It allows you, among other things, to calculate the risk of investment portfolios made of up to 30 funds selected in step 2 above.   You can try numerous possible permutations to identify the portfolios that represent suitable investment alternatives, by maximizing risk-adjusted return.  Portfolio Diagnostics seamlessly interfaces with our Portfolio Allocation Questionnaire and will help you determine if the funds you selected in Step 2 above are consistent with your objectives and tolerance for risk as well as the Portfolio Allocation Strategy that you determined in Step 1. You can try this unique, powerful portfolio building tool  by clicking on the "Portfolio" button of the menu above, or by following this link.